Diagnovum supplies media and reagents that will meet your high demands for pre- and postnatal diagnosis. Our CE marked in vitro Diagnostics products give first-rate performance and fulfil the requirements of the 98/79/EG Directive of the European Parliament and the council on in vitro diagnostic devices.

Product Code Article Volume
D021-100ML Complete Medium for Amnion and Chorionic Villi Cells, CE/IVD-marked 100 ml
D022-100ML Complete Medium for Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes, CE/IVD-marked 100 ml
D006-5ML Phytohemagglutinin M (PHA-M) 5 ml
D003-10ML Colcemid Solution (10 µg/ml in DPBS 10 ml
D023-100ML Marrow Pro 100 ml

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