Contract Research

Research and Development at Diagnovum contributes to meeting healthcare professionals' needs by designing tailor-made, integrated diagnostic solutions.

Diagnovum can adapt to meet your complex and constantly evolving needs for diagnostic development. We can build, validate, and perform any assay that your business demands, or alternatively work with competing technology vendors to ensure the best fit for your application.

In brief, we offer many biotechnical research services including

  • strategic guidance,
  • customer focused process and product development,
  • creating lab scale samples for customer approval,
  • transferring this technology to scale-up plant,
  • quality assurance and validation services,

ensuring that all critical deadlines are met as part of the launch process and cost of goods are reduced in the later commercial phase.

Diagnovum has a well-established R&D team ready to collaborate with you and effectively support and respond to any new project or product brief.

Your diagnostic development is our focus. We have the experience and dedication to ensure the fastest possible path to commercialization of your diagnostic product.

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