Cell Culture Media Development and Optimization

Whether you need assistance in development, scale up or medium optimization, Diagnovum can be of service.

We provide qualified scientific expertise, excellent laboratory facilities, formulation solutions and custom-made products for your research and bioproduction applications.

Our scientists are working with you to meet your custom medium development needs, from medium selection and developing formulations to testing, validation and optimization of your specific cell culture media. Diagnovum can deliver own formula as the starting point of your optimisation process. We guarantee smooth transfer of processes and successful scaling up.

 All specifically designed media will meet highest quality standards required by the regulatory authorities for GMP manufacturing processes.

What can we do for you?

  • Advanced media optimization
  • Fed-batch optimization
  • Medium selection
  • Qualifying key raw materials
  • Development of formulation and scale up
  • Shortening of process development timelines
  • Improving the yield of an existing process

Diagnovum meets customers’ expectations and provides regular progress updates. We focus on quality, safety, time and cost efficiency. Our expertise makes the difference!

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